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dare n : a challenge to do something dangerous or foolhardy; "he could never refuse a dare" [syn: daring]


1 take upon oneself; act presumptuously, without permission; "How dare you call my lawyer?" [syn: make bold, presume]
2 to be courageous enough to try or do something; "I don't dare call him", "she dares to dress differently from the others"
3 challenge; "I dare you!" [syn: defy]

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  1. To have enough courage (to do something).
    I wouldn't dare argue with my boss.
  2. To defy or challenge (someone to do something)
    I dare you to kiss that girl.
  3. To have enough courage to meet or do something, go somewhere, etc.; to face up to
    Will you dare death to reach your goal?

Usage notes

  • Dare is a semi-modal verb. The speaker can choose whether to use the auxiliary "to" when forming negative and interrogative sentences. For example, "I don't dare (to) go" and "I dare not go" are both correct. Similarly "Dare you go?" and "Do you dare (to) go?" are both correct.
  • In negative and interrogative sentences where "do" is not used, the third-person singular form of the verb is usually "dare" and not "dares": "Dare he go? He dare not go."
  • Colloquially, "dare not" can be contracted to "daren't".
  • The expression dare say, used almost exclusively in the first-person singular and in the present tense, means "think probable". It is also spelt daresay.

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to have courage
to defy or challenge
to brave or face up to


  1. A challenge to prove courage.


a challenge

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  • [ˈdare]


  1. To give, to transfer the possession/holding of something to someone else.


Usage notes
Imperatives compounded with pronouns



  1. who, whom, whose



la-verb-form dare

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A dare is a risky challenge one person suggests to another, to try to get the person to prove their courage.
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affront, aim to, assume, attempt, attempt to, battle cry, be a man, beard, bid defiance, bid to combat, brave, breast, bring before, bring forward, bring up, call out, cartel, challenge, chance, change, confront, confront with, court destruction, dare to, defi, defy, defy danger, deride, double dare, double-dare, encounter, envisage, face, face out, face up to, face with, forget the odds, front, gage, gage of battle, gamble, gauntlet, get fresh, get smart, glove, have a nerve, have the cheek, have the gall, have the guts, have the nerve, hazard, hold in contempt, lay before, make bold, make bold to, make free, meet, meet squarely, outdare, outface, place before, play with fire, present to, presume, pretend, pretend to, provocation, provoke, put it to, rebel yell, ridicule, risk, run the chance, run the risk, scream defiance, seek to, set before, show fight, stare down, stem, strive to, study to, stump, take a chance, take chances, take liberties, take the liberty, taunt, tempt Providence, try and, try to, ultimatum, venture, venture to, war cry, war whoop
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